New Episode of Reefer Rhetoric (Johnson/Gray 2012) Now Available

Episode 19 of “Reefer Rhetoric: Stop the Political Propaganda” is now available on both iTunes and online.

In addition, here are the show notes (with links to stories, videos, and songs) from today’s show:

Intro Song: Collie Buddz, “Come Around” (Band website)

Hempsters Screening @ Lakewood Theater

Interview with Cindy LaDue (Versativa)

Australian Bodies Want Cannabis Off Performance Enhancing Drugs List

Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Run Into Trouble at the Bank

Harvard Instructor Caught with Cannabis in Bermuda

Gary Johnson and the End of Cannabis As a Fringe Issue

“Marijuana May Help Save My Wife’s Life”

Jimmy Kimmel Talks Cannabis at White House Correspondents Dinner

2012 “Stop the Political Propaganda” Tour

Gilligans Smoke N Stuff (Waco, Texas)

Outro Song: Collie Buddz, “Herb Tree” (YouTube video)

Reefer Rhetoric Awards:

Reefer Rhetoric, with hosts Dean Shwag and Professor Bluntston, is recorded every Tuesday and is available on both PodOmatic and iTunes; thank you for joining us.

Follow the show on Twitter @ReeferRhetoric, find us on Facebook and subscribe to the podcast through the PodOmatic website or iTunes.

Questions, comments, or stories to share? Email us at or call and leave us a voice mail at 254.307.2872.

In addition, Professor Bluntston may be reached at and Dean Shwag may be reached at

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