New Podcast Episode of Reefer Rhetoric Now Available

In the second episode of Reefer Rhetoric, hosts Denton Ramsey and Professor Bluntston talk about news and more in the weekly podcast. Reefer Rhetoric is recorded every Tuesday morning at 8:30 a.m. and should be available on both PodOmatic and iTunes by 11 a.m. Central Time.

In addition, below are the links to the stories in the “Political Propaganda” segment of the show, as well as the usual weekly Reefer Rhetoric award winners.

K-2 Use by Troops Story:

K-2 Column (Summer 2011) by Denton Ramsey:

Americans for Safe Access Story on Advocates:

CNN Story on Medical Marijuana:

AP Story on Paul Stanford:

Marijuana Legalization Letter:

Group Seeks to Legalize Marijuana for 21+ Story:


Reefer Rhetoric Awards: Episode 2

Anti-Cannabis Politician of the Week: Rick Perry

Pro-Cannabis Story of the Week: Marc Emery Story on Ron Paul/Gary Johnson

Freedom Fighter of the Week: Ron Paul


Follow on Twitter @ReeferRhetoric and email with any questions, comments, or stories.

Also, find us on Facebook and check out the official PodOmatic site at


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